Terms of sale and payment

Terms of sale and payment



Pitches for tents and caravans  / Motor homes:

The basic rate includes an empty pitch with 1 or 2 persons.

On a tent plot there should be no more than 3 individual tents and one car.
On a caravan plot there should be no more than one caravan, a small tent/awning and one car.
On all plots there should be no more than 6 people, including baby and children.
We have no mobile homes or chalets on the campsite.

The opening date for reservations is indicated on the website. Reservations may be made until 30 June for campsite pitches.

The campsite is open from 1 May until 30 September, and can be contacted 24 hours a day. Arrivals and checking out must be during reception opening hours.

Deposit required for the loan of European electrical plug, refrigerator rental or use of a charge locker. It will be invoiced if damaged, broken or if the keys are lost

Hire of canvas bungalows

Weekly hire, from Saturday 4pm to Saturday 10am, from Wednesday 4pm to Wednesday 10am, with a maximum of 5 persons per bungalow, holiday tax in addition to prices shown, pets strictly prohibited on site. and in the area reserved for bungalows. 2nd car, Motor homes, campervans and tent are not permitted when hiring a Bungalow.

The opening date for reservations is indicated on the website. Reservations may be made until 31 August for the bungalows.

The arrival time is between 4pm and ; the departure time is between 8.30am and 10am
In the event of deteriorated or missing items, the Damage Deposit will be kept in addition to the sum of the stay

To make a booking :

Make your reservation request on our website using the special module. We do not accept reservations either by telephone or e-mail.

1 Enter all the information requested

2. You will see the cost of your stay directly on line (depending on the information you have entered)

3. You must then pay the deposit, which will validate your reservation request..
(this is a pre-payment which will become a payment after validation by the campsite).

N.B. The reservation request and the pre-payment/payment of the deposit are binding, Please check the information which you enter, and note that you will not known your pitch/bungalow number before finalising the reservation.

4. The camping pitches are allocated according to the reservation schedule, the dates of your stay and the number of people.


• With a reservation, you undertake to pay for all the nights reserved.
• Your pitch number will be indicated on the reservation confirmation which the campsite will send to you if your request has been accepted, after you have undertaken to make the reservation. No changes (dates, places, etc.) and no reimbursement will be possible, with the exception of the cases provided for in our terms and conditions.

Payments required (in euros)

N° 1 Conditions of Sale :

Booking fee………………….30€  (a)
Booking deposit…………25% (b)  (Not including Visitors’ Tax) of the total cost shown in the quotation.

This shows you have accepted the conditions of sale.  Payment can be made on line (secure) with the number of the plot proposed by the campsite. This camping plot number cannot be changed.
You will be sent an invoice by e-mail or post.

N° 2 The night before you leave:

Payment of the balance (Additional people, car and visitors’ tax).

You may pay in cash, by bank card.

Warning : For reserved stays (campsite pitches and bungalows): if you decide to leave before the end of your stay, or in the case of an early departure on the initiative of the campsite manager or his/her representative, you will have to pay all the nights for which you had reserved ( you must pay for all the days included in your reservation).

You thus accept all the existing general conditions of sale and booking, recorded by the municipal campsite. 

(a) Under no circumstances the booking fee returned to the client.

(b) The deposit may be returned to the client if the booking has to be cancelled, provided that the client provides documentary evidence by recorded delivery by the required time (see table below), the date on the letter being taken as proof.  (Examples: medical certificate, accident certificate, accident statement, etc.)

Cancellation gives the right to reimbursement of the deposit:
If the cancellation occurs before the 1st April for a booking in May
If the cancellation occurs before the 1st May for a booking in June
If the cancellation occurs before the 1st June for a booking in July
If the cancellation occurs before the 1st July for a booking in August
If the cancellation occurs before the 1st August for a booking in September
(you will be asked for your bank account details)

Arrival time

Camping : from 2.00 pm to 7.00 pm

Bungalows : From  2.00 pm to 7.00 am wednesday and saturday

Departure time

Camping : From  8.30 am to 12.00 am

Bungalows : Between 8.30am and 10am, Wednesday and Saturday


If we have not received any message from you 24 hours after your scheduled arrival time, the campsite reserves the right to offer your plot to someone else.
In this case we will retain the booking fee and the 25% deposit in application of our conditions of sale.

Camping Municipal du Cap de l’Homy

MAJ October 2017


The campsite is open from 1 May to 30 September. In July and August, the Information Centre is open non-stop between the hours of 8.30 am and 9 pm (detailed information about “off-season” hours is displayed in Information Centre).

No one may enter, settle upon, or stay on the campsite without previous authorisation from the manager or his representative. The manager is responsible for ensuring proper upkeep and order on the campsite, as well as compliance with these rules and regulations.
Staying on the campsite implies full acceptance of, and an undertaking to comply with, the provisions set forth in these rules and regulations.

Any person staying at least one night on the campsite must first present his identity papers to the manager or his representative and fill out the paperwork required by the police. We do not accept minors on the campsite in the absence of their direct legal representative throughout the duration of their stay.
Pursuant to article R. 611-35 of the Code governing the entry and residence of foreigners and the right of asylum, the manager must require campers who are foreign nationals to fill out and sign an individual sheet for the police upon their arrival at the campsite. It must specifically include the following information:

1- Surname and first names
2- Date and place of birth
3- Nationality
4- Usual residence

Pitches may accommodate a maximum of 6 persons and 2 light vehicles (5 persons and 1 vehicle for bungalows).

Information about campsite services, where to buy provisions, sports facilities, local tourist attractions of interest, and useful addresses is available at the Information Centre. A system for receiving and handling complaints is available for campers as well.

Fees must be paid at the Information Centre. Fee amounts are reassessed annually and are displayed at the campsite entrance and at the Information Centre. Fees are due according to the number of nights spent on the campsite. Campers must inform the Information Centre of their departure the night before and pay their fees.

  Accommodations (bungalows) are available starting at 4 pm. The rental period is either Saturday to Saturday or Wednesday to Wednesday. Departure paperwork and inventory will be carried out the day of departure when the reception area opens before 10 am.
  Pitches are available starting at 2 pm and must be vacated before 12 pm.
In the event of a departure which is later than the specified time, an additional day will be charged.

It is requested that campers avoid any noise, discussions or music which could disturb their neighbours. Radios or sound devices must be turned down and must not be able to be heard beyond the perimeter of each pitch.
Please close car doors and boots as quietly as possible. Complete silence is required between the hours of 10 pm and 7 am.

Dogs and other pets are permitted (other than in the accommodations) upon presentation of identity papers and vaccination records (rabies). They must be kept on a leash on pitches and throughout the campsite. Owners must clean up after their dogs. Category 1 dogs or attack dogs (pitt bulls and boerbulls) must be muzzled.

After receiving authorisation from the manager or his representative, visitors will be allowed to enter the campsite under campers’ responsibility. Campers who host visitors may be required to pay a fee insofar as they have access to campsite services and/or facilities. This fee is displayed at the campsite entrance and at the Information Centre. Visitors’ cars are not allowed on the campsite.

The speed limit within the campsite is 20km/h.
No traffic is allowed between 10 pm and 7 am.
Only vehicles belonging to campers staying on the site are permitted on the campsite.
Parking must not disturb traffic or make it difficult for campers to settle into pitches or accommodations.

All persons staying on the campsite must refrain from any activity which may degrade the cleanliness, hygiene, or overall appearance of the campsite and its facilities, and its sanitary facilities in particular. Campers must not dispose of waste water on the ground or in the gutters. Caravaners must dispose of their sewage in the appropriate place, located in the sanitation facilities.
Household refuse and waste of any kind must be disposed of at the waste sorting area outside the campsite.
Washing outside the specific washing sinks is strictly forbidden.
Laundry must be hung out in a discreet manner so as not to disturb the neighbours.
Plants and floral decorations must be respected. Campers are not authorised to hammer nails into trees, cut branches, or plant anything on pitches. Furthermore, they are not permitted to mark off pitches by themselves in any way or to dig in the ground. Campers will be required to pay for any damage they may cause to plants, fences, or campsite fittings.
Pitches must be maintained in the same condition in which campers found them upon their arrival on the premises.

It is not possible to make bookings for the camper van area.
It is a “nomadic” sort of area. A single vehicle is allowed per pitch. Caravans and tents are prohibited as are certain fittings including: exterior cooking fittings, furniture (even if it collapsible), tents adjacent to vehicles, tarps and privacy protection screens.

Open fires (wood, charcoal, etc.) are strictly prohibited. Stoves must be kept in safe working condition and may not be used in dangerous conditions.
In the event of a fire, notify management immediately (alarm button at Information Centre). Fire extinguishers are available for use if necessary. A first aid kit is available at the Information Centre.
The management assumes no liability for objects left in the recharging lockers in the reception area.
The management is responsible for general surveillance of the campsite. Night patrols are carried out to ensure campers’ safety.
Campers are responsible for their individual pitches or accommodations and must notify the manager about any suspicious persons.
The campsite is not in any way accountable for camping equipment, vehicles, or any other object, nor is it responsible for personal or material accidents, except in cases where its civil liability is incurred, and for which the claimant must be able to provide formal proof.

Games which are violent or disturb other campers must not be organised close to camping facilities. The game room may only be used for quiet games.
Children must be under the supervision of their parents at all times.

Unoccupied tents and caravans may only be left on the campsite with the management’s approval and on the indicated pitch only. When tents and caravans are permanently left on the campsite, a fee will be charged, the amount of which is displayed in the Information Centre. For bookings, the reserved spaces must be paid in full for the reserved period of time, even in the event of
late arrival or early departure, whether decided by the client or the management or their representative.

These rules and regulations are displayed at the campsite entrance and at the Information Centre. A copy may be given to campers upon request.

If an individual disturbs other campers or fails to comply with the provisions set forth by these rules and regulations, the manager or his representative may give the offending party formal notice, either orally or in writing if necessary, requesting that he stop the disturbing behaviour.
In the event of a serious or repeated infringement to these rules and regulations, and after receiving formal notice from the manager or his representative requesting compliance, the manager has the right to cancel the contract.
In the event of a criminal offence, the manager may call the police.