Update : 05/05/2021

Campsite will open on wednesday 12.May at 3 pm

Update : 04/05/2021

The restrictions on movement have been lifted.  The 7pm curfew will be in place until 18th May. More info on

We are awaiting the Municipality’s authorisation to open the campsite.

Update : 22/04/2021

France has been in partial lockdown since 3th April 2021

These restrictions will be in place until 3rd May 2021

Even if we are permitted to accept customers on the campsite in theory, the restrictions on movement mean that they are unable to come. We are therefore under the obligation to postpone opening until a later date while we await the official response to our question.  Please consult our website regularly.


Update : 15/03/2021 

  • The games room remains requisitioned in case of COVID cases


Extensions to Internal rules due to COVID-19 

Following the COVID-19 pandemic, we were obliged to adapt our internal rules since 2020 in order to guarantee maximum security for you, our clients, as well as for our team on site. We would therefore ask you to respect social distancing rules with our employees who will be doing everything in their power to ensure that your holidays take place in the best possible conditions in these unprecedented times.

We thank you for your complete adherence to these measures. Should you fail to respect them we will unfortunately be obliged to exclude you from the campsite under the usual procedure.

In case of symptoms, high temperature, cough…and in order to protect those around you, make your situation known to reception, isolate yourself and contact a doctor.

What changes :


Please use the hand sanitiser provided at the entrance to reception.

  • Maximum 4 people in the entry hall : please wait outside observing the distance markers on the ground. 1 person per family.
  • Respect 1m physical distancing and the markings on the ground for queuing.
  • Respect physical distance also with staff.
  • Follow the flow direction : entry via the car park (south) /exit: via the campsite side (north)
  • Some equipment may be condemned : benches, shelves, flyers, Wi-Fi desk, lockers, water fountain…
  • Prepare all documents necessary for signing in as indicated on posters (ID cards or passports of all participants including current addresses, vehicle make and registration number). We are indeed limiting the number of people who need to use this space in order to restrict contact to a minimum, so please be sure to have the relevant documents with you as you enter the hall
  • The doors must remain open in order to limit the amount of contact surfaces.
  • It’s preferable to use bank cards for payment, and contactless payments under 50€ are encouraged.
  • Please prepare to share your email address when booking in to enable the sending of bills by email.
  • Wi-Fi : we will be introducing adaptations in order to limit comings and goings in the hall.

Plexiglas panels have been installed on the counters and even though they might lessen the joy of reunion, they are nonetheless necessary in this period when prudence is key.


  • Respect social distancing rules between 2 pitches (the manner of installation of material should reflect this)
  • Taps on pitches: these are shared between several pitches, be sure to respect hygiene measures for the sake of your neighbours.
  • Respect the current restrictions concerning the number of people gathering together.
  • Visitors prohibited.


  • Hygiene measures mean that beds will not be made up on arrival. Plastic-wrapped sheets will be supplied.
  • Disposable quilt covers and pillow cases will be provided and changed between each client.
  • At departure : please put the used sheets in the bin bag supplied for this use.
  • In order to streamline departures and plan disinfections, inventories will be carried out by appointment (inventories obligatory on departure from 8.30 to 10am). Please come to reception to take your appointment one day before you leave.


  • Respect social distancing of 1m and the markings on the ground as well as usual barrier gestures
  • Keep a close eye on your children and avoid them being alone in order to limit points of contact
  • 1 soap dispenser is at your disposal at the entry to each block
  • Outdoor sinks are exclusively intended for washing dishes or food.
  • Brushing your teeth or washing your hands is only allowed in cabin sinks for hygienic reasons

CLEANING (as well as 2020)

  • We have adapted our cleaning and disinfection protocols since 2020. Our products are viricidal and most of them conform to the standard EN 14476. (They are therefore suitable against COVID-19). Viricidal products are active for 12 hours. Cleaning times have therefore been reviewed. They are also displayed in the blocks. Cleaning staff will be more visibly present in the blocks as you use them. Please respect them and their work. Over and above this disinfection programme, we invite you also to disinfect the material before use. Products can be made available for you at reception.

PLAY AREA/ENTERTAINMENT – This part about activities can be changed before we open regarding the new directives and their feasibility

  • All entertainment is cancelled
  • Play room closed
  • Petanque ground open – Number of users limited to 10 at a time.
  • Basketball/volleyball : closed
  • We are unable to lend objects (except adapters)
  • Mobile phone charging lockers are taped off.


  • Waste water post : we advise you to wear gloves and/or disinfect the valves before use.

Due to these new procedures waiting times are certain to be longer. We are relying on your cooperation to help us through these stages. We are likely to be less available than usual, and excuse ourselves for this, but our priority is obviously to ensure we organise fully secure holidays for you.

Health Protocol

Currently under validation by the Ministry, the health protocol requires social distancing as its basic principal – 1 person / 4m² in the shower block  – We are using ground markings and taping off certain equipment in order to conform to this.

All material on pitches must be at least 1 metre from the perimeter of the pitch (this restriction is already operative as part of general fire precautions).

It is possible that these measures are modified, depending on new rules coming into force.

Disinfectant products can be made available to you at reception.

This notice will be updated according to the new developments.