Our latest news

 Update 30/04/2024 :

  • Campsite opens on 2 May at 9am
  • New website in preparation: when it goes online (in May), 2025 pre-booking will be possible: online forms

Update 11/01/2024 :

We wish you all the best for 2024. We’re starting to send out quotes for pre-bookings. As we send them out manually, we’re staggering them (around 80 a day). Don’t be surprised if your friends receive their quotes and you’re still waiting for yours. Rest assured that all quotes will be sent out before the online opening of bookings (29/01).

UpdateJ 07/12/2023 :
– Processing of pre-bookings:

We have started to process your pre-booking requests. Replies (quotation or refusal because complete) will be sent in January. Some requests are incorrectly filled in, so we sometimes send emails for further information. Remember to keep an eye on your spam and save us in your address book.

– Opening of the campsite :

From May 2024, the campsite will open on 2 May (instead of 1 May).

 UPDATE 13/08/22 / Fires in Gironde and North Landes with no repercussions for Cap de l’Homy

The Gironde fires have started again in the North of the Landes and the South of Gironde. We are not directly impacted. On the other hand, the Landes department has been placed on red alert for forest fires, so cycle paths are prohibited in the afternoon from 2pm to 10pm. Motor vehicles are strictly forbidden from midday to midnight.

UPDATE 29/07/22: Fires in Gironde without repercussions

for the Cap

We receive many calls about the fires in Gironde (La Teste de Buch and Landiras). We are not impacted by these fires. Depending on the direction of the wind, we could sometimes smell smoke but the fires are more than 70 km away. The cycle tracks have been completely reopened as the fire alert level has been lowered (vigilance orange/level 3 out of 5)

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Important information for those customers who stayed on the campsite in 2021 and handed in their pre-booking form for 2022 during their stay:

Dear Customers,

During your stay on our campsite this summer you filled in a pre-reservation form for your holiday in 2022.
This year, at your request, we  decided to give you the possibility of pre-booking next year’s stay in order to avoid the saturation of our website on opening. Just to remind you, on January 18th last, because of the huge number of attempts at connection, our server went into security mode thinking it was being hacked by pirates before then going into maintenance mode.
The advantage of the pre-booking form is to allow our loyal customers to get their pre-booking in before any new customers.
Several questions were asked while handing in these forms and even if we answered them all personally we would like to inform you all of what was said in order to avoid any misunderstanding :

1/ The pre-reservation form does NOT guarantee you a place. 

We have received over 650 forms, even more than usual, and most of them are for the same dates (14/07-25/08). It is therefore obvious that we will not have enough space for everyone, and we will rapidly be full.

2/ You do NOT need make a pre-reservation online seeing as you have filled in the pre-booking form and handed it in over the counter.

Whatever happens we will be in touch with you by email with either :

  • a quote (as previously with the server) identical to your pre-booking request
  • an alternative offer which is compatible with your instructions (dates, length of stay etc.),

in both cases you will just need to confirm your booking by paying the deposit requested.

  • a negative reply if we have nothing to offer you. (See point N° 3 for more details)No quotes will be sent before January but we may contact you between 2nd and 17th December if we need more information. Please keep an eye on your inbox and your spam and you could also add us to your list of contacts in order to avoid any emails being lost. Above all, do read our emails right to the end as we tend to include a lot of information.

3/ If we are full for your dates and cannot send you a quote :

You will receive an email stating this. The aim is to speed up reservations so if your pre-reservation is not successful then there is no point in writing to us or calling us to change dates or other information, you will just have to make your reservation online when our server opens.

 We will NOT be able to answer requests of this kind either by email or over the phone.

4/ You cannot modify your pre-booking request. Indeed, one of the pre-booking conditions is that your 2022 dates are definite. Therefore we cannot alter your request even if you have not yet paid the deposit. This would slow down the booking process and delay the opening of our server for everyone else. Reminder : just as it has been for a number of years, with a reservation you CANNOT change pitch nor dates once you have paid the deposit, and pitches are allocated according to the number of people and NOT the size of your camping equipment. If your camping material is too big or unsuitable for the pitch then, unfortunately, we will not be able to find you an alternative pitch.

5/ We cannot guarantee you will get one of your preferred pitches.
For obvious reasons we will not be able to satisfy everyone’s first choice (or even second choice) of pitch as certain pitches are more sought after than others. If you do not want the pitch we have allocated you in the quote we will not be able to change it for another one. In this case, you should NOT pay the deposit but inform us by email that you will not be taking the pitch so we can allow another camper  to book it. You may then try to make another reservation online if there are any places left.

6/Time limit for payment of the deposit : the time limit for paying the deposit will be a maximum of 10 days. After 10 days, if the deposit has not been paid, your option will be automatically deleted. If you still wish to make a booking then you will have to try again online as soon as our server opens.

7/ Rates : Rates for 2022 will be voted by the council in November. They will be posted on our website by the end of November-beginning of December at the latest. Please consult them as soon as they are available. May we remind you that each and every night booked has to be paid for.

8/ Opening date for online bookings :
Due to the large number of pre-reservation forms we will be dealing with, we will have to postpone the opening of online reservations until the end of January.  The official date will be announced on our website this Autumn. This only concerns those people who have not been able to make a pre-reservation or those of you who wish to modify their request.

9/ Please avoid over-communicating by email :
Even if we enjoy reading your emails please try to avoid over-communicating with us : 1 email = time to reply = less time to deal with your pre-reservation (there are only 2 of us working out of season) and we would ideally like to send you a quote as early as possible.

10/ A pre-booking system which gives priority to our 2021 customers
Some of you made the point that this pre-booking system gives priority only to our 2021 customers. We will be dealing with your requests by order of arrival which clearly means that we will be dealing with those forms handed in at the beginning of July before those handed in August or September.

The system is far from ideal, we are well aware of that, but the only really fair system is opening online bookings at the same time and date for everyone. We would like to go back to this system next year and are waiting for confirmation from our internet provider that they will be able to manage their maintenance operations outside of our opening time which, unfortunately, was not the case this year. However, the extraordinary number of connections we get every year on opening will only ever get bigger and will always cause a slowdown (the same as for concerts and international sporting events) and will inevitably favour those people who have a good quality internet connection. We are sorry, but there is no perfectly fair booking system and le Cap de l’Homy will always be a victim of its own success.

In any case, we thank you for your unfailing loyalty even in the face of online chaos and would like to assure you of our total dedication to making it work better in the future.

Pre-bookings 2022 


Owing to the problems we had with the server on opening bookings in 2021 and given that our supplier has no answer to the record number of connections made (thank you for your custom), we are now able to offer you a pre-booking form under certain conditions :

  • You are currently staying on the campsite in 2021
  • You are already certain of your dates for 2022 (1)

You can now pre-reserve your stay for 2022 on the spot at reception by using a specific form.

Ask for your own personal form at reception, fill it in and hand it back in person before you leave  (2)

You will receive a quote in January by email indicating your pitch number and you will need to pay the deposit in order to confirm your reservation (the same as if you had booked online). You will then have no need to book online, (the aim is to avoid this year’s mess)

(1) You are absolutely certain of your stay dates for 2022 (no change will be possible later)

(2) No form will be accepted by post, by email or by a third person


What’s new in 2021



Our booking system has been a victim of its own success !

This year, even before opening online bookings our server was swamped with requests and went into ‘safety mode’ thinking it was being attacked by pirates. At the same time it started a systems maintenance operation. After an hour functioning at ‘snail pace’, bookings eventually got back to normal and the peak-summer period (15/07 – 25/08) was almost fully-booked in under 10 minutes ! During the slow-down we also received over 300 emails which only added to the problem with customers trying to book by email, customers showing their their dissatisfaction and, fortunately for us a few emails from customers wishing us ‘Good Luck’. (Not to mention our phones which were ringing non-stop all morning).

We are well aware of the dissatisfaction that this has caused and we do understand as we have also suffered the consequences !

Please note that we do everything in our power to make sure bookings go as smoothly as possible but certain unavoidable technical hitches are beyond our control.

Even if our servers are of sufficient size, we found ourselves in the same situation as certain ticket offices for concerts or sporting events when their servers are swamped by demand and forced into slow-mode.

The booking platform we use (provided by the company Sequoiasoft) is Number one in France and functions perfectly elsewhere. The thousands of attempts at connection made during the 30 minutes prior to opening prevented us precisely from opening at 10 o’clock ! Once again, the Cap de l’Homy Campsite has stood out for its uniqueness…. Something we would happily have done without.




What’s new in 2021


So, for 2022, we would like to try something new (fingers crossed)…. We have put in place a pre-reservation system on paper. You may ask for this pre-reservation form if you satisfy both of the following conditions :

You are currently staying on the campsite and can hand in the completed form in person (no forms will be accepted by post or by e-mail – nor by homing pigeon)

You are absolutely certain of your stay dates for 2022 (no changes will be possible once you have handed the form in)

This pre-reservation form will mean you can by-pass the server on opening and will give you priority over online bookings. You will then receive a quote in January with instructions for paying the deposit. In order to benefit from this new system – which we hope will save you (and us) a lot of hassle – please ask for your personal form at reception.

Nature Lodges : new updated rental accommodation

All our Bungalows have been replaced by new, more modern ‘Nature Lodges’,  including one for the disabled. 10 lodges can be rented from Saturday to Saturday and 5 from Wednesday to Wednesday, all by reservation only.

On-going work / repairs

Our village Mayor, Mr Napias, has brought together the municipal technicians and the campsite technician in order to limit costs and mutualize their skills throughout the municipality and especially the campsite.

The Beach Pathway

We have been waiting a long time for the renovation of this pathway which will be replaced by a wooden walkway to be installed in June as well as repairs to the staircase.





Games areas

The petanque grounds in the car park have been renovated and are now complete with score boards and new benches, and new picnic tables have been installed in the motorhome area and car park.

New launderette in Showerblock E

An extension is planned for block E this Autumn which will create enough space for at least 2 new washing machines in time for 2022.

Showerblock A

After replacing the tiles and the toilets it is now the doors which have been replaced.

Campsite entrance

A new sign has been installed at the entrance to the campsite as well as two “NO PARKING” signs painted on either side of reception to prevent people from blocking the access into and out of the campsite which can sometimes cause friction.

Electricity network

A diagnostic has been carried out to upgrade our electricity network from 6 to 10 Amps. New low-consumption streetlights are also being considered.


New entrance and exit barriers have been installed as the old ones were showing signs of weakness.

Please rest assured that we are actively working to improve the campsite’s surroundings and services so that each time you visit you will find improvements and yet still find the spirit of the campsite you cherish so much.